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A splash of luxury: Bath & Body Works body care essentials

A splash of luxury: Bath & Body Works body care essentials

The basic principles of beauty brands have remained constant over time: transparency, efficacy and being natural. But now they focus much more on reducing the beauty ritual to a simple repertoire of proven products. They combine the most potent and beneficial natural actives to help you boost your natural beauty, ingredients that nourish and care for your skin. If you walk into a Bath & Body Works store in the Arab Emirates, you will find a wide variety of products for body care. You won't know where to start, but here is a selection for every skin type that you will need to incorporate into your beauty routine.

Cleansing creams


Facial cleansing products are varied. There is no one product in particular that meets all the qualities to suit different skin types. Some can be excessively degreasing and others very acidic or alkaline. Choosing a cream according to your skin type will be fundamental and it is important that it has a soft texture to avoid irritation of the face. Or a neutral cream will be ideal for all skin types.



Constant exposure to the sun's rays is detrimental to skin health. If you work at a beach resort and you are almost always outdoors, using a good sunscreen will be the key to avoid sunburn. Fair skin is much more sensitive, even to extreme cold. Using protection in winter will keep your face moisturized. There are sunscreens of different factors, sunscreens for children and even compact sunscreens.

Body creams


Body moisturizer protects the skin from harmful factors such as UV rays, air conditioning, stress and pollution. However, it doesn’t only act as a preventive treatment, but also treats skin that has already been exposed. After a stressful day, a hot shower is ideal. But it also has a negative consequence: it removes moisture from the skin. Spending a couple of minutes putting on some body moisturizer will ensure that your skin is protected.

Micellar water


Just soak a cotton swab and wipe it over your face with gentle, circular touches, including eyelids and lips. After removing all dirt and makeup, rinse the skin with warm or cold water.
Rinsing the micellar water is optional, although it is advisable to do so to remove any remaining impurities. It also serves to tone and moisturize the skin.

Lip balm


Lip balm is a great ally for your skin and has multiple uses. You can use it to correct makeup, remove makeup or make your eyebrows look perfect. How? If you rub lip balm into the swirls of your eyebrows, you will see that they are sealed and well groomed. Although its main action is associated with correcting and repairing lip dryness caused by exposure to the sun, wind or cold. For good lip protection, sun protection should be at least factor 15.

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