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Black Friday hacks: tricks for finding the best deals

Black Friday hacks: tricks for finding the best deals

Black Friday is getting closer and closer. It is the discount event nearest to Christmas and where people in the United Arab Emirates can take advantage of great offers. If you are just getting into the world of Black Friday, here are some tricks for finding the best deals. But first, make sure you get the date: November 24. Many of the most famous stores in the country will join the event.

Set a budget


The best thing you can do for your economy is to know how much you can spend these days. Check your bank account and carefully evaluate the budget you have. Even if you already know what you are going to buy.

Create a wish list


Take your time and make a list of what you think you will buy. It can be either your Christmas gifts or treats for yourself. Once you know what items are on the list, it's time to list them. Put them in order so you know what priority they have.

Use discount coupons


Many stores prepare exclusive coupons for these dates. Using Black Friday codes is very simple: just copy them and just before paying for your purchase, you can apply them and you will automatically see a discount on the final purchase price.

Check out the promotions in the stores


One trick to achieve greater savings is not to buy the item you want at the first online store you visit. Unless that product is exclusive to a single store.

Use applications to compare prices


Technology also helps a lot in these cases thanks to Internet services that record for you all the discounted prices from different stores.

Read the special conditions


During the days of Black Friday, the store may apply some special conditions (not accepting payment by card or changing their return policy). But they must announce it clearly and visibly for all customers to see.

You can request a list of complaints


All stores participating in the event are obliged to give you a complaint form if you ask for it. You must fill it out in three copies: one for you, one for them and a third one that you must present at the Consumer Office.

Shop only on secure sites


Before buying from any online merchant, make sure it is legal. If it is not a company you know before, do a simple search on the Internet.

Buy responsibly


By managing your money wisely and responsibly, you can treat yourself once in a while and still work on your financial freedom.

Compare prices a few days in advance


One of the best tips for Black Friday is not to blindly trust businesses. Make your wish list before and check the price of those items at the stores you shop at.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs for Black Friday. Pay attention to the tricks before you buy. The stores of the Arab Emirates are already gearing up for the biggest discount event.


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