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Boots: the british beacon of beauty and makeup mastery

Boots: the british beacon of beauty and makeup mastery

The basic principles of beauty have changed over time. They now focus more on transparency, efficacy and naturalness. Extravagant make-up is out of fashion and more natural products with proven efficiency are winning the battle. They combine the most potent and beneficial natural actives to help you boost your natural beauty, ingredients that nourish and care for your skin. If you walk into a Boots store you will find a wide variety of beauty products. You won't know where to start, but here are the best products for every skin type that you will need to incorporate into your beauty routine. Boots is the British beacon of beauty and makeup mastery where you'll find it all:

Cleansing creams


Facial cleansing products are varied. There is no one product in particular that meets all the qualities to suit different skin types. Some can be excessively degreasing and others very acidic or alkaline. Choosing a cream according to your skin type will be fundamental and it is important that it has a soft texture to avoid irritation of the face. Or a neutral cream will be ideal for all skin types.

Micellar water


Just soak a cotton swab and wipe it over your face with gentle, circular touches, including eyelids and lips. After removing all dirt and makeup, rinse the skin with warm or cold water. Rinsing the micellar water is optional, although it is advisable to do so to remove any remaining impurities. It also serves to tone and moisturize the skin.



Prioritize hydration with a light hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum. Hyaluronic acid is the moisturizing active ingredient par excellence, a great addition for all skin types if the right texture is chosen.



Using the right exfoliant for your skin is a great addition to your skin's health and radiance. A good exfoliant, applied in the right way, helps boost cell renewal and even fade blemishes. Exfoliants with mandelic acid are best, in a formula that also includes hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. If the skin is sensitive and very reactive, the scrub should be applied only once a week.

Make-up remover wipes


They are used to remove make-up quickly, but only superficially as they don’t remove 100% of residues. Another complement will be necessary to do a deep cleansing. We recommend that you wash your face with plenty of soap and water to make sure you remove all impurities and apply a facial toner and moisturizer. Don't abuse makeup remover wipes and follow a complete routine to achieve smoother skin.

Face-only towel


There is little point in applying moisturizers, sunscreens and serums if we end up using the towel that the whole family uses to dry our hands and perhaps other parts of the body. There's not much more to say: it's a real must-have.

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