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Emax: your trusted partner for all your electronics needs

Emax: your trusted partner for all your electronics needs

There are numerous electronics stores in the EAU, but there is one that stands out for its large number of products and good prices: Emax, your trusted partner for all your needs. Emax has low prices and regular promotions, although this can vary from store to store. More than 11,000 branches are part of this organization, so you can always find what you need without overspending. At Emax you can find everything from a cell phone and a tablet to various small household products. Everything is in one place. Customers can find computers and laptops, office supplies, printers, PC accessories, cell phones, televisions, loudspeakers, plugs and cables, cameras, kitchen appliances, tools, chargers, and much more. This store sells and distributes a wide range of local and international brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Philips, WMF and Siemens. Check out their current promotions and offers available in their stores and on their online website to find their cheapest items and best sale deals. If you go to their website now, you will find the winter offers. There are incredible sales on stoves, cell phones and computer supplies. You can get these items with 30% off. If you know how to take advantage of the offers, you will be able to buy more than one item.

The history of Emax


Emax is an Emirati chain of stores focused on the sale of electronics and technology products. With a long history in the market, Emax is headquartered in Dubai. Since its beginnings in 1973, Emax has had the goal of becoming the leading electronics retailer in the Middle East. Operates in the United Arab Emirates through more than 10 stores located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, among other locations. In the following years, Emax underwent a strong business expansion process with the addition of a large number of products and the opening of stores not only in the UAE, but also in other countries such as Qatar and Oman.

Offers and promotions


Emax has great prices all year round because it is such a huge chain that it can afford very competitive price negotiations with manufacturers and large distributors. Each month it usually has a selection of consumer electronics and home appliances items with bargain prices. The most frequent promotions and offers at Emax are: direct price discounts and product gifts for purchases. Among the main advantages of Emax are its good prices, large number of stores, optimized online store, expert sellers and personalized financing. The chain has a team of expert salespeople ready to advise its customers and an exclusive customer service by phone and email. ¿A tip? By subscribing to the newsletter or following Emax on social networks, it is possible to keep up to date with the latest deals.

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