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Exquisite jewelry crafted in the Emirates

Exquisite jewelry crafted in the Emirates

The UAE is a paradise for many for its beautiful beaches, extravagance and tax free. There is also handcrafted jewelry that is the delight of locals and tourists, especially with the predominance of fine jewelry. In the fine jewelry category, rings account for 44% of the total value, due to the trend of buying this type of product for specific dates such as weddings or engagements. This is followed by necklaces (21%), also key for such events, and finally, with a similar value, earrings and bracelets (14%). It can be said that it really is exquisite jewelry. The materials that make up these jewels are mainly gold, platinum, silver and a combination of metals.

Gold, the main actor


In the Emirati market, gold predominates significantly. This material, in addition to jewelry stores and shopping malls, can be found specifically in the Dubai Gold Souk, located in the oldest part of the city. Silver is less relevant, as it is considered to be of inferior quality. The more than 300 stores that make up the Gold Souk have been there since ancient times and have given Dubai the nickname “City of Gold”. It is estimated that there are more than 700 jewelry stores throughout the city. Any time is a good time to visit the Gold Souk as its streets are roofed, which is appreciated during the sunny hours. If you like gold items and excellence in craftsmanship, Dubai is a good place to buy them. While not a bargain, the tax exemption and competition make buying gold in this city cheaper than elsewhere in the world.

Did I find the perfect piece of jewelry?


Don't forget to request the digital authentication certificate. Dubai gold dealers are required to provide such a document upon request. The certificate specifies the karats, the weight of the gold contained in the jewelry, the weight of the stones used and the cost of labor. With this document, your new purchase can be validated and appraised anywhere in the world. Designs with a focus on cultural and material heritage are developed in Dubai, which are then distributed to all corners of the world to meet the demand of international clients. The market is fast-paced. Lighter gold jewelry is increasingly in demand. Delicate chains and thin bracelets are replacing thick rings and heavy bracelets. This allows customers to select designs that are easy on the wallet. For everyday jewelry, sculpted designs take the top prize using fine, intricate carvings that are eye-catching but not too ostentatious. There are brands that succeed with bracelets and necklaces inspired by architectural structures, such as geometrically cut windows. On the other hand, given the growing interest on the part of UAE residents in online commerce, the sale of jewelry on marketplaces is beginning to appear, although due to the high value of the products, in-person purchases continue to predominate. Going to the souks is still business.

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