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Home R Us: a few steps to turn your home office into your personal Oasis

Home R Us: a few steps to turn your home office into your personal Oasis

How to turn your home office into a personal oasis? It's not that complicated, although you will need to put your imagination to the test and all the tools at your disposal for the transformation.

Home R Us, one of the favorite stores of the Emiratis, brings you all the deals and discounts on office furniture to make the change you need. Working at home is not easy and you have to have a private space so as not to involve family life. Follow these few steps:

Adequate lighting

moderna-tienda-preparada-subasta-vivo_23-2149947499.jpg Not only should you have adequate lighting to avoid eye strain, but it's also a great idea to have multiple light sources. Invest in a good desk or table lamp as a secondary light source.

Studies show that they can help you focus on the project at hand, plus adjustable lamps are great for directing light where it's needed. Pro tip: It's a proven fact that natural lighting boosts productivity, so open those shades!

A little privacy

almohada-sofa_74190-7329.jpg French doors can block out noise while maintaining an airy aesthetic. They are ideal for small offices where you want privacy without feeling claustrophobic. Curtains can be perfect for keeping you from being distracted by what's going on outside the windows.

You can replicate the idea to delimit spaces that are not naturally separated by using fabric panels. It's a simple solution that comes in an unlimited number of colors and styles. Screens are easily movable room dividers that offer privacy, versatility and style, plus they can be folded and stored if needed. They are a great solution for home offices that are located right in the most heavily trafficked part of the home.

The perfect desk

espacio-trabajo-ordenado-ordenado-laptop_23-2148592327.jpg It can be overwhelming to realize the huge variety of home office desks on the market. But when you have a good understanding of what you are looking for, finding the right design will be a piece of cake.

You should consider not only if the desk fits your office, but also if it offers enough space to fit everything you need and to work comfortably.

This Cupertino home office desk is a minimalist, space-saving and stylish option. Unlike many desks that offer little or no storage space, its top is equipped with multiple storage compartments that will help you stay organized.

Don't play with the chair

silla-diseno-interiores-hogar_23-2148986625.jpg The sitting posture of the human body is unnatural and generates pain in the long run. Having an ergonomic chair for your work is a must, even if it is in the most noble area of the house.

Think, for example, of the iconic Aluminium Chair, an office chair that looks fantastic in any living room. Even if your budget can't afford this model, there are office chairs that are as ergonomic as they are beautiful. Our advice: don't look for them in low-cost office stores, but in specialized stores like Home R Us.

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