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How to get the best discounts at the supermarket

How to get the best discounts at the supermarket

Going to the supermarket takes a big chunk of our budget. As much as we try to cut back, we have to eat and buy cleaning products or clothes. It isn't always easy to do without certain products, but here are some tips on how to get discounts at the supermarket. You don't have to put them all into practice, but you can incorporate these tips. They'll come in handy in the future and you'll notice it when you reduce your spending. You can find great discounts in UAE chains such as Carrefour, Almaya Market, Emirates Co-Op, GATE, Spar and Spinneys.

Store around


To find the best deals you need to compare the prices of products in different stores. One may have better prices for eggs, but another may be cheaper for fish. Supermarkets, department stores, wholesale clubs and discount supermarkets have different pricing and promotional strategies.

Buying second brands


Stores' own brands used to be considered cheap knockoffs. But supermarkets have invested a lot of time and money in recent years to improve their products and bring them up to par with premium brands. House brands are often produced by the same manufacturers that make the big-brand items, but are available at a lower price. This can result in savings of 10% to 40%. Don't be loyal to a brand just for the sake of it and look for the economic differential.

Look for promotions and offers


Stores publish weekly and monthly advertisements of items on sale in the press, on their website or on their social networks. Find out the day and take advantage to buy everything you need at a bargain price. If there is a great offer, consider buying several units of the product. While some supermarkets put their best discounts first thing in the morning, so it's the early risers who benefit, others wait to do it at the end of the day. Keep an eye out and at the end of the month you can count on more money.

Save with discount coupons


Discount coupons are becoming more and more popular in supermarkets and we as consumers can benefit a lot. We can take advantage of a very interesting offer on a product that we usually buy. They can often be printed out, although there are apps that allow you to present them directly from your cell phone.

Join a loyalty program


Some chains have a customer loyalty program, and those who become members can enjoy special offers all year round. If the supermarket you frequent allows you to become a member, don't hesitate and do it. There are also many other strategies to save money when it comes to making your shopping list. For example, not going to the supermarket hungry (because of the temptation to buy something you don't really need) or doing it with just enough money to buy what you need and thus not being able to go off the list.

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