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  2. separatorNavigating the UAE on a tight budget: a guide to saving wisely

Navigating the UAE on a tight budget: a guide to saving wisely

Navigating the UAE on a tight budget: a guide to saving wisely

Fabrics, carpets, wooden furniture, jewelry and luxury goods. It's all too tempting in the UAE. It gets difficult to navigate the stores on a tight budget, but it's not impossible. Arab culture is one of the emblems par excellence of cities like Dubai. The traditional souks are a must on any tour. To start this route, you have to get away from the typical and visit the modern version of the souks. Shopping becomes an unforgettable moment in which art, architecture and history are perfectly intermingled with stores, galleries and restaurants. There are a few tips you should keep in mind when shopping to save smart. It's not a matter of memorizing and using them all at once, but you may find one useful. You can apply them when you go shopping, when you have to buy gifts or when you host a party.

Make a list


Make a list of all expenses and prioritize each one. The list of expenses should include everything from gifts to food and clothing. You may find it helpful to review your latest bank statements to see what you've been buying and how much money you have available. You will appreciate having a well-prepared list to keep track of your expenses. If you buy what you need and don't tempt yourself, you'll be able to keep your finances stable.

Set a budget


Creating a budget is a good way to keep track of expenses. You can use an app to write down the figures or use a notebook or a classic Excel sheet. The important thing is to write down every gift you are going to buy. Once the budget is established, remember to compare the prices of online shopping with those of physical stores, and check your movements to avoid surprises. Many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget to keep track of their budget.

Buy gifts early


Take advantage of discounts that come earlier and earlier every year. Also, by shopping early, you will be able to compare prices and not overpay for the same product. Look for gift offers that are beautiful and interesting. You can also go to outlet stores, where you will find quality items from past seasons at incredible prices. Write a letter with what you consider essential and make sure that all your gifts have their ticket. The purpose is that you can return it in case you haven't succeeded and that you don't lose the money.

Buying in second hand stores


Every day we are more open to buying in vintage markets to equip our home with second-hand products. Try making gifts or buying something for you from already used objects to give them a new use and create a more sustainable world. Not only will you save good money, but secondhand shopping is great for the environment.

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