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Expert tips to save money at Decathlon

Expert tips to save money at Decathlon

Sport apparel is always an ally if we want to feel comfortable. It provides flexibility, but also today we can combine it with more urban sneakers and wear a fresh and relaxed look in our day to day. Is no longer synonymous exclusively with the gym. You can choose from a huge variety of garments that don't only stick to the typical sports outfit of the past decades. In UAE, stores like Decathlon offer different alternatives for you to choose the clothes that best suit you and at the lowest price. Here are some tips to avoid overspending.

Research before buying


If you are going to invest money on sport apparel or specific items for the gym, you don't want to make a mistake in your purchase. Talking to your trainer or a professional who can guide you is a good option. There's nothing worse than jumping into buying the first thing you see without knowing whether or not it's really right for you. Keep in mind that everyone is different. That’s why there are so many variations of the same product, regardless of the brands.

Buying out of season


Seasonal sportswear always has a higher retail price. When it's summer, buy for winter and vice versa. The print or the color that is in fashion at the time may differ, but ultimately the garment is the same. Take advantage of the seasonal sales offered by the main sporting goods stores in UAE to make your budget work better. Choosing basic colors such as black, white, gray, red and blue is essential for your closet to always look up to date.

Make a list


Stop for a second and look at your closet. Determining what you are going to replace and making a list of the sportswear you need will be key in the whole process. Try not to buy clothes that you will only wear once, but those that you know you will get good use out of.

Use discount codes


Discount codes are one of the best tricks to save money. They are one-time offers that are usually updated on a monthly basis. These codes can offer you all kinds of discounts: from paying a percentage less than the original price of Adidas, Nike or Under Armour garments, to free shipping. To use discount codes, you have to follow the guidelines and conditions set by each store. For example, they may tell you that you have to spend a certain amount of money for the savings to apply, or that the discount is only valid for certain types of products.

Take advantage of student discounts


There are sports stores that have special discounts for students. Thanks to them you will pay much less for the sporting goods you want or for the equipment you are looking for. Sometimes the savings are only offered for certain products while in other cases it is valid throughout the store.

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